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Access to Land

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Use SARIG to identify no access and restricted areas

Areas where exploration or mining activities are not permitted or are restricted and Native Title land can be identified using the South Australian Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG)

No access for mineral exploration and mining activities
Restricted access for mineral exploration and mining activities
Land where mineral exploration and mining may be permitted
- Native Title land
- Landholder liaison


Areas where there is no access for mineral exploration and mining activities

Some areas of South Australia have been identified as areas where no exploration and mining is permitted. These include:

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Areas where mineral exploration and mining activities are restricted

Some areas require particular permissions before gaining access to the land for mineral exploration and mining activities (restricted areas).

Major areas where particular permissions are required before gaining access for exploration and mining activities include:

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Land where mineral exploration and mining may be permitted

On land where mineral exploration and mining is permitted, all explorers wishing to undertake mineral exploration activities in South Australia must first apply for and be granted an exploration licence.
More information and guidelines about minerals exploration

Native Title Land

Holders of an exploration licence or mineral claim must obtain an agreement authorising exploration or mining on native title land.
More information about native title land and procedures that should be followed

Liaison with landholders

Whilst the Mining Act 1971 enables mining companies and prospectors to access non-restricted land for exploration purposes, it also recognises the rights of landowners.

Link to MG4 Guidelines for landholdersMG4 Guidelines: landowner rights and access arrangements in relation to mineral exploration and mining in South Australia (.pdf 1.1Mb)

Revised August 2011

Part 1 provides information about landowner statutory rights and what may be expected in regards to proposed exploration and mining operations on (or near) property.

Part 2 provides information for explorers on the principles of effective engagement and consultation.

This guideline has been developed as a joint initiative with DMITRE, the SA Arid Lands Natural Resource Management Board and the SA Pastoral Board.

More information for landowners 

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