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Core Library closure

The Core Library will be closed on 29–31 December 2014 and 2 January 2015.

We wish all our clients a happy and safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

DMITRE's Drill Core Storage Facility at GlensideThe Department of State Development's Resources and Energy Group (formerly within the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE)) recognises the value of retaining drill hole samples obtained from mineral and petroleum exploration in South Australia. These specimens provide essential information in the search for ore deposits and petroleum reserves, for re-interpretation of structural and stratigraphic relationships, and for geoscientific research.

Core and chip samples are particularly useful for those areas of South Australia where potentially metalliferous basement rocks are covered by younger, less prospective sediments or where rock units of interest extend offshore.

The Glenside drill core storage facility was established in 1978 and has undergone extensions in 1982 and 2005. The most recent refit and renovation secures the facilities reputation as one of the most modern core storage facilities available to mineral and petroleum explorers.

The facility offers fully enclosed, modern viewing facilities with comfortable surroundings which are heated in winter and cooled in summer.

Material is also housed at Thebarton within the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Satellite core libraries have been established in the mid-north towns of Moonta and Whyalla, providing low level storage facilities for core and other samples obtained in mineral exploration programs on Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas.

Submission of samples

Exploration companies in South Australia are required by legislation to provide to the Department of State Development representative samples of any core and cuttings taken during tenure.

Companies should contact the core library manager to arrange for receipt and storage of samples. The manager will provide company geologists with sample information sheets that must be completed and returned to the core library manager when samples are delivered.

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Drillhole information

Information about the drill core and cuttings currently stored in the Department of State Development's core storage facilities is available on:

These databases contain basic core information and links to related details.

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Inspecting core

Please note: Notification lead time for inspections has changed (one week's notice now required)

Frequently asked questions about viewing and sampling core
All open-file drillhole samples at the Glenside facility are available for inspection. One week's notice is usually required to reserve inspection space and allow time for the layout of sample trays.

Inspections can be organised by booking online through the South Australian Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG). Open the SARIG application, go to Databases on the top left grey bar, select Drillholes and online core inspections from the drop down list. Data for drill holes in South Australia including stratigraphy, lithology and core sample information can also be downloaded from SARIG.

If SARIG is offline or you are on dial-up download and complete the drillhole inspection request form, available as .pdf or .doc
Request to inspect drillhole samples (.pdf 81.3kb)
Request to inspect drillhole samples (.doc 826.0kb)

To request to view confidential samples a letter of authority from the company concerned must be sent to the core store manager. 

Radioactive core storage and handling

If you are planning to use your own radiation devices, e.g. hand held XRF/NITON, please provide a Certificate of Competency prior to your inspection to the Core Library Manager.

Radioactive core storage and handling: standard operating procedure (.pdf 1.51Mb) has been developed for the handling of all radioactive material stored on the Glenside premises. 

Security information for visitors

All clients and visitors to the Glenside drill core storage facility must comply with Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare requirements. Before gaining access to the facility all clients and visitors must:

  • Press the required button (for either the Department of State Development or Department for Water) on the intercom system. A staff member will respond and give you access by means of electronic visual entry and/or personal admission and induction.
    [Note that the Department of State Development is open from 7.30 am until 4.00 pm; the Department for Water is open from 7.30 am until 5.00 pm]
  • All clients and visitors must sign in and wear a 'Visitors Pass' at all times during their visit.
  • All clients and visitors must sign out and return the 'Visitors Pass' on departure from the facility.

Please note:

  • For visiting groups the Group Leader will sign in and take responsibility for members of their group.
  • Please read and take note of the 'Safety instruction' on the reverse side of the 'Visitors Pass'.
  • Access to any other section of the facility will require the authorisation of the Core Library Manager and/or the person in charge of that section.
  • Patrons using the car park facilities do so at their own risk.

Download Security arrangements at the Glenside drill core storage facility (.doc 66.0kb)

Sampling procedures

You must adhere to strict procedures when sampling core or cuttings. The procedures are given on the Sample removal form which must be completed and forwarded to the core store manager at the time of sampling.

Other service and equipment provision

The Glenside core facility offers general sample preparation equipment including:

  • Diamond saws for slicing core or slabbing rock and mineral specimens
  • Spray bottles for washing and cleaning core
  • 10% acid solution for testing of carbonates
  • Binocular microscopes
  • Electronic scales
  • Ovens for drying of samples

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Petroleum industry specific information

Petroleum industry specific information is available on the Petroleum website.

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Glenside Core Library
23 Conyngham Street
SA 5065

Postal address
Glenside Core Library
GPO Box 320
SA 5001

Phone: +61 8 8379 9574

More contact information including other core library locations

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The Core Library welcomes your comments about your visit to the facility and any suggestions for improvement.

Please download and complete the Core Library Feedback Form (.doc)

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