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Earthquake occurrences in South Australia

Earthquake occurrences in South Australia are shown on the earthquake map layer in the South Australian Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG).

Download the earthquake occurrences map
Use the Data tab in the Map Layers widget to select for all earthquakes or by shorter time periods and magnitude over 4.5.

More information about using SARIG

Real-time seismograms from the Aelaide earthquake network

Seismograms showing latest hour

3D model of Flinders Ranges earthquake hypocentres

An earthquake dataset for comparison of earthquakes with geology and topography in 3D. The user can fully interact with the model.

Flinders Ranges Earthquake HypocentresAbout the earthquake hypocentres 3D model including download

The South Australian earthquake monitoring network is used to measure local earth movements (seismic activity) and to record events from all around the world. There are a number of stations around the state that record seismic activity which can be used to determine the location, magnitude, depth and duration of the event.

There have been 3 earthquakes since 1837 that have caused some damage to Adelaide - in 1897, 1902 and 1954. The 1954 earthquake was the smallest, but also the closest and most damaging.

There have been very few earthquakes occurring near Adelaide over the last decade; only about 1 per year within 30 kilometres of the city.

This section of the Department of State Development Minerals website provides further information about earthquake monitoring in South Australia and information on some of the largest quakes to hit South Australia.