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Adelaide earthquake network

A new network of monitoring instruments has been installed around Adelaide with funding through the National Disaster Mitigation Program. Seven recorders with seismometer (weak motion) and accelerometer (strong motion) have been installed surrounding Adelaide, with continuous data transmission to a central computer.

When a possible earthquake (local or overseas) is detected on four or more recorders, the computer attempts to calculate the location and magnitude of the event, and details are sent by email or SMS to seismologists. The seven recorders are at rock sites with low noise levels, and send the data by various different means to avoid the possibility that all stations are out of action at any one time.

Three instruments have been installed in the metropolitan area.

Earthquake recordings

China earthquake recording 2008

China (Chengdu mag 8) earthquake recording

Earthquake recording

South Australian earthquake recording


Photographs of some of the monitoring sites

Earthquake monitoring equipment earthquake monitoring equipment
earthquake monitoring equipment monitoring earthquakes