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Forms & Guidelines

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Forms under the Mining Act 1971

These forms are approved under the Mining Act 1971. A form will need to be completed for the following:

  • registration of a mineral claim
  • application for, or renewal of a mining lease (ML and EML), retention lease, miscellaneous purposes licence, and mineral exploration licence
  • instrument of transfer of a lease or licence
  • surrender or partial surrender of a lease or licence
  • notices of entry to enter land to prospect or mine, and of use of declared equipment
  • waiver of exemption to allow mining or prospecting on exempt land
  • caveat against a mining tenement and caveat by consent
  • notice initiating negotiations with Native Title parties

Minerals Regulatory Guidelines

Regulatory guidelines have been developed by the Mineral Resources Division of the Department of State Development to assist mining and exploration companies in understanding the approvals process, including environmental responsibilities, native title issues and to help in informing the community of the exploration and mining process.

Extractive Areas Rehabilitation Fund (EARF) forms and guidelines

The holder of an Extractive Mining Lease (EML) or the owner of a Private Mine (PM) is responsible for rehabilitation of the EML or PM.

The Extractive Areas Rehabilitation Fund is administered by the Mineral Resources Division of the Department of State Development and provides a mechanism to fund certain rehabilitation activies on extractive mineral sites.

Earth Resources Information Sheets

The Department of State Development's Earth Resources Information Sheets are available for download and include information about requirements for exploration, and mining and tenement information.

Underground Mine or Quarry Managers Certificates

The South Australian Board of Examiners for Mine Managers (the Board), assesses applicants for suitability to be granted an underground mine or quarry manager's certificate of competency, as per the Mines and Works Inspection Regulations, 2013 and the 'Guidelines for persons applying for a underground mine or quarry manager's certificate of competency'.