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Geoscientific Data

Exploration initiatives

To promote mineral exploration within the state, the South Australian Government has undertaken major airborne geophysical surveys in key areas of the State as part of the South Australian Exploration Initiative (SAEI), Broken Hill Exploration Initiative (BHEI), the Targeted Exploration Initiative South Australia (TEiSA) and the Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) initiative.

Data collected during the course of these initiatives may be available as a free download or will be available at minimal cost, with charges generally covering DMITRE handling costs only.

Open file data

The Mineral Resources Division also has a wealth of available information in the form of open file company data, data collected by DMITRE and GA (Geoscience Australia), DMITRE and company drillcore and reports. These report and drillcore databases can be accessed directly through the South Australian Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG), or by contacting our Customer Services Centre.

DMITRE's Mineral Resources Division provides a wide range of high-quality geophysical data and advice to the exploration industry and the public. For the minerals industry in particular, access to precompetitive geoscientific data reduces the risk for companies venturing to discover new prospects and deposits.

  • Depth to crystalline basement datasets
  • ASTER mineral maps
  • Magnetotelluric data
  • National Geochemical Survey of Australia
  • Gradient strings of South Australia
  • Cariewerloo Basin
  • Frome Embayment AEM Survey
  • Geophysical databases
  • Geoscientific GIS datasets
  • Remote sensing
  • HyLogging
  • South Australian paleochannel map