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Geology of SA

South Australia's central position within the Australian continent gives the state the advantage of hosting rocks with a wide range of ages and lithologies which are all potential (and proven) targets for mineral exploration.

South Australia's geology covers every geological period in Earth's history. Depositional, igneous, orogenic and alteration events ranging in age from 2.7 billion years ago to the present day, covering every geological period, are represented in South Australia's rock record.

A brief geological history of South Australia

Geological Provinces and Basins

South Australia is comprised of distinct geological provinces coupled with a number of sedimentary basins.

Geological Provinces

The main geological Provinces are:

Summary of and map showing the Geological Provinces of South Australia.

Sedimentary Basins

Some of the more well-known basins of South Australia include:

  • Officer Basin
  • Murray Basin
  • Gambier Basin
  • Eucla Basin

More information on South Australian Basins.


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