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2014 Premier's Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy

recognising excellence in the delivery of community and social benefits by the minerals, energy resources, extractive industries and associated services sectors

'connecting mining and communities'

Premier's award winners 2014

The Premier announced the winners of the 2014 Premier's Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy on Tuesday 6 May at the SACOME Resources Industry Annual Dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The winners for this year are:

  • Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion   BHP Billiton Olympic Dam for its Prisoner Re-integration Employment Opportunities, a bold initiative bringing about life-changing opportunities for participants and with a remarkable success rate since implemented in 2009.
  • Award for Excellence in Supporting Communities  IMX Resources Ltd for its major contribution to community life in Coober Pedy, enhancing the areas economic viability through its fly-in fly-out workers, providing medical equipment to the local hospital and supporting health education, and implementing food programs in the Coober Pedy and Marree Aboriginal schools.
  • Award for Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources  Thiess Pty Ltd for implementing a broad range of initiatives to support the potential of women at all levels in its workforce, including a well-researched 'Women in Mining' Strategic Plan addressing the needs of women to progress their career in mining.
  • Award for Environmental Excellence  Iluka Resources Ltd for its Pro-Activity-Beyond Compliance initiative and research work with the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and local universities on its rehabilitation activities which have far reaching benefits for many other companies and industries in the future.

Two entrants were highly commended: 

  • OZ Minerals Ltd was highly commended for its wide-ranging work in communities and especially for supporting communities, implementing social inclusion measures, and providing leadership programs to enable women to advance their careers in the resources sector.
  • Murray Zircon Pty Ltd was praised for its commitment to working with the local community in the Murray Mallee and for displaying strong corporate social responsibility.

In total eighteen (18) entries, which included one joint submission, were received from 13 companies for this year's awards.

News release:
Mining and energy companies awarded for community excellence

Award guidelines

About the awards

The Premier’s Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy celebrate the delivery of all aspects of social benefit to the South Australian, local and regional communities by mining and energy resource companies, extractive industries and companies involved in the delivery of services to those sectors. 

The South Australian Government has outlined key targets to address community wellbeing and unemployment, economic disadvantage, social participation, employment for people with a disability, leadership opportunities for women and for the continuous improvement of environmental sustainability. Through this, it aims to ensure that the benefits of the mining boom are realised for all South Australians; that current and future generations share in the economic and social opportunities generated by the mining, energy resource, extractive industries and associated services sectors operating in the State.

The Premier of South Australia has sought to recognise the contribution of those sectors through the Premier’s Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy

In 2014 the following awards will be offered:

Who is eligible to apply?

Any company or business that operates in South Australia’s minerals, energy resources or extractive industries sectors as well as any company or business that provides services to those sectors is eligible to apply, regardless of whether they are a wholly or partly owned Australian company or business or international entity. The key criterion is that your company or business operates in South Australia and can demonstrate excellence in one or more of the award categories.

Why should my company apply?

The winning companies or businesses set an example to industry of innovation and excellence in corporate social responsibility. They will be awarded the opportunity to share their experiences with government, industry and the community. 

The award winners will be able to differentiate themselves amongst other companies and businesses with a higher level of credibility. 

Most importantly, businesses will highlight their respect for the community in which they operate and the broader South Australian community.    

In addition, entering the awards provides an opportunity to:

  • Receive recognition for your business policies that aim to: 
    • improve workforce inclusion
    • support communities
    • improve environmental outcomes
    • demonstrate leadership in employing women 
  • Evaluate your business and community engagement planning
  • Gain feedback on your implementation of corporate social responsibility strategies
  • Highlight opportunities for further growth in corporate social responsibility activities
  • Increase media and brand awareness
  • Increase internal awareness and interest across your business
  • Help others make informed choices when considering your business as a potential employer or business partner

The winner of each award will receive a framed certificate signed by the Premier, an electronic certificate and the rights to the use of a logo pertaining to the award category won that can be used on websites and on marketing material. 

Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion

This award recognises a company or business that has proactively taken steps to involve people from South Australia’s most disadvantaged groups in their operations, assisting them to take advantage of the economic and social benefits the sectors have to offer.

In developing programs and implementing workplace practices, businesses in this category will be judged to have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to ‘best practice’ that has or will increase opportunities for those in South Australia’s most disadvantaged groups.  

Some examples of workforce inclusion activities currently provided by the mining and energy sector include:

  • Targeted training programs for economically and socially disadvantaged people
  • Providing jobs for local and/or Aboriginal people
  • Mentoring Aboriginal businesses and providing contract opportunities

Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion entry form

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Award for Excellence in Supporting Communities

This award recognises a business that has demonstrated industry excellence in developing, stewarding or supporting community-wide participation in social or community activities. Such activities can play a large role in improving social wellbeing, developing greater cultural awareness, fostering creativity and innovation, and building a more vibrant and sustainable South Australia.

These activities tend to be broad scale community activities from which a large proportion of the South Australian community can benefit – and that do not relate to the core business of the company or business. Other examples of this could be activities or programs designed to increase the ability for regional and remote communities to participate in events that they would not otherwise have access to.

Some examples of supporting communities include:

  • Festivals or community events
  • Art shows or exhibitions
  • Cultural and other community awareness activities such as 
    • Indigenous culture exhibitions or programs
    • Multicultural awareness activities
  • Sporting events
  • Travelling ‘road shows’ to regional and remote communities
  • Sourcing goods and services from local communities/businesses in local communities

Award for Excellence in Supporting Communities entry form

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Award for Environmental Excellence

This award recognises a company or business that has demonstrated its commitment to maintain and improve environmental outcomes to the benefit of the local or broader South Australian community.

Environmental excellence goes beyond minimal compliance. It involves exceptional innovation in the development and implementation of programs, processes or initiatives that facilitate good environmental outcomes that add value to or improve the environment of the local or broader community. 

Examples of this may include:

  • Supporting multiple land use (where land is used for different purposes simultaneously, and sustainably, within an area) or sequential land use (where land is used first for one purpose and then later for another purpose once the first land use has ended or has been terminated) to the benefit of local communities and/or other local industries
  • Actively engaging with local communities to determine suitable environmental outcomes, delivering on the promises made and regularly reviewing progress
  • Supporting community based environmental programs and/or supporting environmental and science studies
  • Facilitating change in community understanding of, and attitudes towards, environmental outcomes relating to a resource development
  • Innovative approaches to environmental programs, in coordination with the community and other stakeholders

Award for Environmental Excellence entry form

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Award for Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources

Women are still under-represented in high-growth industries such as mining and energy.

Some examples that may indicate excellence in leadership – women in resources might include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing approaches that embrace gender analysis and equity in the workforce (such as pay equity reviews and diversity forums)
  • Delivering targeted training programs to increase participation and retention of women
  • Actively supporting work-life balance through flexible work practices (for people with caring responsibilities, for instance)
  • Progressing initiatives to increase the number of women in leadership roles within the organisation
  • Providing opportunities for female tertiary students in relevant fields to pursue their careers in the resources sector

The South Australian Government’s Office for Women exists to pursue the full and equal participation of women in the social and economic life of the State. More information on their work programs and the participation of women in the workforce can be found at www.officeforwomen.sa.gov.au

Award for Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources entry form

How are the awards judged?

The judging panel comprises representatives from industry, government and community organisations.

The judges are looking for passion and demonstrated commitment by companies to improving social wellbeing, environmental outcomes, and participation at the local and/or regional level, with a clear recognition of its ongoing importance to delivering sustainable resource projects.

The judging panel will make recommendations on the winning applicants to the Premier. The Premier’s decision on the winner of each award is final.

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What are the key dates?

  • Applications open 9am Monday 3 February 2014
  • Applications close 5pm Friday 14 March 2014

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Who can I contact for more information?

Resource Land Access Strategy Branch
Mineral Resources Division
Department of State Development (DSD)
Phone: +61 8 8463 3247
Email: DSD.PremiersAwards@sa.gov.au  

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Download a copy of the award guidelines and conditions of entry (.DOC)