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Resources & Energy Sector Infrastructure Council

....Working toward integrated, cost competitive infrastructure that meets the future requirements of the resources and energy sectors....

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RESIC report on achievements and deliverables 2007-2013Resources and Energy Sector Infrastructure Council 2007-2013 (.pdf 2.4Mb)
A report on the achievements and deliverables of RESIC



The Resources & Energy Sector Infrastructure Council (RESIC) provides an advisory and coordination role to the SA Government and private sector on complex resources and energy infrastructure matters by:

  • Creating a close working relationship between the resources sector and government on planning and infrastructure development
  • Coordinating the collection of accurate data to support the planning of a viable, fit-for-purpose infrastructure
  • With the resources sector, foster cooperation across companies to maximise the value of infrastructure that is developed in order to minimise its duplication.
Montage of infrastructure in South Australia

For more information about RESIC contact:

Mr Joe Mastrangelo
Director, RESIC
Department of State Development
Phone: +61 8 8303 2447
Email: Joe.Mastrangelo@sa.gov.au

Ms Sue Czerniak
Senior Project Officer, RESIC
Department of State Development
Phone: +61 8 8303 2282
Email: Sue.Czerniak@sa.gov.au