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PACE Exploration

More information

Download more information about the PACE 2020 initiative (.pdf 5.4Mb)

General Manager PACE 2020
Mr Miles Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3159
Email: Miles.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE Marketing
Mrs Tania Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3012
Email: Tania.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE exploration presents a 21st century approach to developing the mineral and energy resources of South Australia, by expanding the exploration search space for explorers and providing them with new pathways for discovering the next generation of world-class mines.

PACE exploration programs include:

  • Pathways to prospectivity
    • Multidisciplinary mineral systems analysis
    • Multidisciplinary approach with mineral systems focus 
  • Pathways to discovery
    • New statewide and regional datasets
    • New geophysics and spectral data
    • Multi-element reanalysis of historic calcrete samples
  • Innovation through integration
    • Unique and innovative products and data delivered through SARIG 2020
    • 3D modelling of mineral systems and prospective terranes 
  • PACE partnerships
    • PACE targeting - geophysical surveying
    • PACE discovery drilling - exploration drilling
    • PACE geochronology - mineral systems dating

Pathways to prospectivity

Pathways to prospectivity focuses on key elements fundamental to understanding exploration opportunities within South Australia.

Projects target frontier areas such as the western and northern Gawler Craton and Musgrave Province, as well as proven terranes such as the eastern Gawler Craton, Flinders Ranges and southern Curnamona Province.

Research in these areas utilise a multidisciplinary approach to mapping, resulting in the expansion of potential target areas and broadening of mineral systems footprints.

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Pathways to discovery

Pathways to discovery focuses on statewide geophysical datasets and hyperspectral coverage, coupled with regional geochemical and hydrogeochemical programs and the multi-element reanalysis of the Department of State Development's Mineral Resources Division's calcrete sample library. It will ensure explorers have access to the latest and most complete datasets on offer.

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Innovation through integration

Innovation through integration synthesises the data and information gathered in the pathways to prospectivity and the pathways to discovery programs in a series of unique and innovative products.

The products are designed for direct integration with company data libraries and immediate use in exploration programs, offering unique insights into the geology and prospectivity of South Australia and a broader spectrum of information for high-level decision making.

The latest technologies for data capture, analysis and management will be utilised for delivery through SARIG 2020.

The state's drill core archive and mineralogical characteristics will be delivered online through the National Virtual Core Library (external site), allowing explorers to view South Australian drill core from any location worldwide (in collaboration with CSIRO and AuScope). 

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PACE partnerships

PACE partnerships is an expansion of the successful PACE drilling partnerships between government and industry concept, with an expanded suite of collaborative opportunities on offer.

Current PACE partnership opportunities include:

  • PACE discovery drilling
    Maintaining support for exploration drilling in frontier and prospective regions of the state
  • PACE targeting
    Collaborative geophysical surveys with industry, focusing on emerging and data poor areas of the state
  • PACE geochronology
    Providing access to analytical equipment and expertise for dating mineral systems and deposits

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