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PACE Global

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Download more information about the PACE 2020 initiative (.pdf 5.4Mb)

General Manager PACE 2020
Mr Miles Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3159
Email: Miles.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE Marketing
Mrs Tania Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3012
Email: Tania.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE global is dedicated to maintaining South Australia's reputation as a world leader in the quality of geoscientific information delivery and will focus on the provision of world leading geoscientific data, publications and information.

PACE global programs include:

  • Data pathways
    • Launch and expansion of SARIG 2020
    • National Virtual Core Library online
    • Digitising of historic company reporting
  • South Australian resources analysis
    • Triple bottom line Minerals ScoreCard
    • South Australian minerals industry annual review
  • Building awareness
    • Linking investors with explorers
    • Fostering greater awareness of the resources sector
    • South Australian Minerals and Petroleum Expert Group (SAMPEG) ambassadors

Data pathways

The data pathways program will ensure all customers have unsurpassed access to South Australia's wealth of geoscientific data and information anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SARIG 2020, the latest version of the South Australian Resources Information Geoserver, was launched under PACE 2020 and offers a richer, more contemporary online experience. SARIG 2020 represents a major transformational step towards South Australia's online presence, offering a new level of customer interaction with a radically new interface.

The data pathways program complements PACE exploration in developing AuScope's National Virtual Core Library, delivering the Department of State Development's growing collection of HyLogger core imagery and spectral analyses online. The program also continues the vital work of digitising historical records and company exploration reporting whilst extracting important assay data from historic geochemical and drilling programs.

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South Australian resources analysis

The South Australian resources analysis program provides the industry, investors and the wider community with a comprehensive, relevant and contemporary suite of information, statistics and analysis of the South Australian minerals and energy resources sector. Accurate and sophisticated statistical data and analysis is essential to assessing the current vigour and future outlook of the sector.

This program will conduct an annual mineral industry survey and generate a rich suite of analysis including a South Australian Minerals Industry Annual and a more comprehensive Minerals ScoreCard that meets triple bottom line (economic, environmental and social) reporting standards.

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Building awareness

The building awareness program is tasked with increasing the understanding of the South Australian minerals and energy industry locally, nationally and internationally, in order to foster a greater awareness of the sector and entice potential investors to South Australia. This program ensures state government engagement with the global resources and investment community promoting South Australia as a preferred exploration, mining and investment destination.

The state government will maintain a presence at key international mineral and energy events to showcase precompetitive data, prospectivity and the services and support available in South Australia.

The South Australian Minerals and Petroleum Expert Group (SAMPEG) will also remain a key part of PACE 2020 with its members continuing to act as ambassadors for the state both locally and globally.

The building awareness program will also directly link industry with investors by maintaining an online portal profiling companies and their projects in South Australia.

Together with PACE mining, building awareness will partner with leading economic agencies and primary industry lobby groups to understand the societal value and effects of exploration and mining to the state.

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