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PACE Mining

More information

Download more information about the PACE 2020 initiative (.pdf 5.4Mb)

General Manager PACE 2020
Mr Miles Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3159
Email: Miles.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE Marketing
Mrs Tania Davies
Phone: +61 8 8463 3012
Email: Tania.Davies@sa.gov.au

PACE mining seeks to provide a robust, transparent and timely approval process, which streamlines the mining assessment and approval processes that are critical in determining the overall economic, environmental and social impact of a project.

PACE mining programs include:

  • Discovery to development
    • Six-month target approvals for mining lease assessment
    • Online tenement applications, tracking, management and reporting
  • Next generation policy
    • World's best practice in resources industry regulation and management
    • Next generation suite of industry policies and guidelines
  • Water for mining
    • Partnerships with key agencies and industry to address water issues
    • Mapping the state's groundwater systems
  • Communities
    • Community engagement strategy and toolkits for industry
    • Continuing support for regional and remote communities

Discovery to development

The discovery to development program will facilitate a robust and transparent mining approval process, balancing the needs of industry and the community, whilst aiming to deliver mining licence aprovals within six months.

A whole-of-life, integrated management system will be developed for tracking the entire history of a project. This will allow companies, through SARIG 2020, to condust critical business processes including tenenent management, lodging and tracking applications, submitting reports and relinquishing ground.

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Next generation policy

This program will develop and implement the world's best practice in the regulation and management of exploration, mining and quarrying activity in South Australia.

With the passage of the Mining (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill (.PDF), coupled with the goal of attaining a sustainable and balanced mineral sector, the South Australian Government will develop the 'next generation' set of industry policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines will be developed in conjunction with partner government agencies and stakeholders to generate processes, procedures and information necessary to carry forward future exploration and mining.

The next generation policy program will align resource development, conservation and sustainability with South Australia's economic, environmental and social future, and will be benchmarked against other regions throughout the world in the key areas of project assessment and facilitation, community engagement and environmental monitoring and management.

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Water for mining

The water for mining program will establish partnerships between key government agencies and specialised research organisations to address South Australia's key water resource issues: locating, using and managing water resources.

The South Australian Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, the Goyder Institute for Water Research and other leading water organisations will be tasked with mapping the state's groundwater systems. This program aims to identify future water resources for sustainable development on behalf of communities and the industry in South Australia's arid north. 

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This program will promote engagement between an effective government, socially aware industry and an informed community, creating confidence in the South Australian minerals and energy sectors. The communities program continues the South Australian Government's strong tradition of engagement and cultural exchange in regional and remote areas.

A key outcome of the program will be the development of a detailed community engagement strategy for use by industry and government. The strategy will be developed in conjunction with PACE Global's building awareness program. It will include a series of engagement toolkits and will clearly define the roles and responsibilities of both government and industry through every step of project development.

Ongoing agreements bewteen the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara will see continued support for tenement officers in the far north throughout the life of PACE 2020.

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