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Fees and Rents

Mineral exploration

Under the Mining Act 1971 (external site), prescribed fees and rents are payable upon application and/or lodgement of prescribed forms relating to mineral exploration in South Australia and for requests to inspect, search or obtain extracts from the Mining Register.

Annual rents are also payable on mining and retention leases, and on miscellaneous purposes licences.

Prescribed fees and rents are revised are listed in the Mining Regulations 2011 (external website) (Schedule 1 - Fees;  Schedule 2 - Annual rents).

Royalties payable

A royalty is payable on all minerals recovered from mineral land and sold or intended for sale, or utilised (or to be utilised) for any commercial or industrial purpose.

Opal mining 

Fees for opal mining are prescribed under the Opal Mining Act 1995 (external site).

Opal mining fees are revised on the 1st July each year and are listed in the Opal Mining Regulations 1997 (external site)

Mining Register (inspection and searches)

The Mining Act 1971 requires that a register is kept of miner's rights, leases and licences issued under the Act, registered claims and instruments registered under the Act.

Under the Act a person may, upon payment of the prescribed fee, inspect the Mining Register and obtain extracts from the register, subject to the provisions of the Act.

Fees, rents and royalties payable