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Title, Author, Year of Publication Price
Bibliography of South Australian Geology. Teesdale-Smith E.N. 1958 $10.00

Burra Heritage Trail (based on Discovering Historic Burra 1988)

$ 6.00

Burra Miners 1860–1865: An index to Burra - Burra Mines copper ore day books. Drew G.J. 1990

$ 8.00

Discover the Barossa. Barker S., Heathcote L. and Ward B. (Eds) 1991

Discovering Historic Kadina. Drew G.J. 1990 $ 8.00
Discovering Historic Kapunda. Drew G.J. and Jones J. 1988 $ 8.00
Discovering Historic Moonta. Drew G.J. 1991 $ 8.00
Discovering Historic Wallaroo. Drew G.J. 1989 $ 8.00
Echunga Goldfield.  Drew, G.J. 1984 $10.00
Environmental planning techniques. Buckley, R.G. 1987 $10.00
Explore the Flinders Ranges. Barker S., McCaskill M. and Ward B. (Eds) 2000 $30.00
A field guide to the coastal geology of Fleurieu Peninsula. Hasenohr P. and Corbett D. (Eds) 1986 $15.00
A field guide to the geology of Hallett Cove. Giesecke R. (Ed.) 1999 $14.00
A field guide to the geology of Yorke Peninsula (2nd edition). Giesecke R. (Ed) 1997 $ 8.00
Goldfields of South Australia. Drew G.J. 1993 $30.00
Guidelines to assist authors in compiling geoscience references. Drexel J.F. 1990 $ 5.00
Handbook 1. Handbook on quarrying (revised 5th edition). Dutton A.H. 1993 $35.00
Handbook 2. Handbook on small mines (see Handbook 1). Armstrong A.T. 1983
(reprinted from digital files)
Handbook 3. A guide to the geology and mineral resources of South Australia. Ludbrook, N.H. 1980 South Australia.
(reprinted from digital files)
Handbook 4. Some semi-precious and ornamental stones of South Australia. Barnes, L.C., et al. 1980 Australia.
(reprinted from digital files)
Handbook 5. Opal: South Australia's gemstone (revised edition). Barnes L.C. et al. 1992 $25.00
Handbook 6. Living with minerals — a South Australian perspective. Armstrong A.T. 1983 $10.00
Handbook 7. Catalogue of South Australian minerals - 1983. Noble R.J., Just J. and Johnson J.E. 1983
(reprinted from digital files)
Handbook 8. Geology and the Adelaide environment. Selby J. 1984 $10.00
Handbook 9. Quaternary molluscs of South Australia. Ludbrook N.H. 1984
(available as printed copy and on CD) (reprint)

Printed copy $25.00

CD $ 10.00

The complete set of Handbooks (1–9) are available on one CD  $50.00
History and role of Government Geological Surveys in Australia. Johns R.K. (Ed.) 1976 $10.00
Important geological sites in South Australia.  Scrymgour J.M. and Risely B.G. 1991 $35.00
Late Cainozoic rock units and depositional environments, Lake Frome area, South Australia. Callen R.A. and Tedford R.H. 1976 $ 5.00
Late Precambrian and Cambrian geology of the Adelaide Geosyncline and Stuart Shelf, South Australia (Excursion guide for 25th International Geological Congress). 1976 $10.00
Morphetts Enginehouse and the Cornish Beam engine, Burra Mine, South Australia. Drew G.J. 1987 $10.00
Murray Basin Mineral Sands conference extended abstracts. $35.00
Natural History of the Adelaide region. Twidale C.R.T., Tyler M.J. and Webb B.P. (Eds) 1976 $30.00
Natural History of the Eyre Peninsula. Davies, M., Twidale, C.R.T. and Tyler, M.J. 1985 $30.00
Natural History of Kangaroo Island. Twidale C.R.T. and Tyler M.J. 1979 $30.00
Natural History of North East Deserts. Twidale C.R.T. and Tyler M.J. 1990 $30.00
Natural History of the South East. Holmes J.W. Ling J.K., Tyler M.J. and Twidale C.R.T. (Eds) 1983 $30.00
One Day Geological Excursion of the Adelaide Region. Parker A.J. (Compiler) 1986 $20.00
The Otway Basin of Southeastern Australia (with box of enclosures). Wopfner H. and Douglas J.G. (Eds) 1971. Price on application
Record of the Mines of South Australia. Brown H.Y.L. 1908 $25.00
The Silver Trail - a guide to the heritage of Broken Hill. Drew G.J. 1991 $10.00

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