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Explorers Guide

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South Australian Mineral Explorer’s Guide


Current Version Now Contains

  • Musgrave Atlas
  • Maps, Bulletins and other information about the geology of South Australia

The South Australian Mineral Explorer’s Guide is part of a broad range of products developed by Minerals and Energy Resources targeted to meet the needs of the minerals industry. The guide is an extensively updated version of the Mineral exploration and development in South Australia volume published in 1996.

This DVD highlights the enormous potential for mineral deposit discoveries throughout South Australia. The Explorers Guide reviews State geology, mines, mineral deposits and prospects in their correct geological context, as well as providing information on licensing, regulations and land access.

The DVD is also frequently updated so it can contain the latest MESA Journals.


Chapter Index

To view selected sections and figures, view the chapter index.


Cost and Ordering

The Explorers Guide has been produced in a DVD format due to the large amount of text, data and figures. It draws on the knowledge and expertise of geoscientific professionals in Minerals and Energy Resources, but still only represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of data and knowledge available to mineral explorers through the agency.

The DVD is available at a cost of AU$20 (including GST) plus a cost for postage and handling.

Orders can be made through the Resource Information Centre.