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Gawler Craton Information

Recent publications

Investigation of partial leach soil surveys at the Tunkillia Gold prospect, SA (.pdf 9.8Mb, opens in new window)
AJ Fabris
Report Book 2010/01

GOMA basement drilling program, northern Gawler Craton (.pdf 22.5Mb, opens in new window)
Rian Dutch, Marc B Davies and Mark Flintoft
Report Book 2010/2

Solid Geology Interpretation of the Tallaringa-Ooldea Area (.pdf 5.Mb, opens in new window)


Explanatory Notes

Maitland Special

The Maitland Special Explanatory Notes have been released following the publication of the Maitland Special 1:250 000 Geological Map in 2003.

The map area includes the historic Moonta Wallaroo mineral field and covers the major part of South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. The rocks in the map area comprise deformed Palaeoproterozoic and early Mesoproterozoic basement of the southeastern Gawler Craton, and undeformed Neoproterozoic to Quaternary sediments. More than 90% of the land surface of the map area is covered by Quaternary sand dunes, calcrete, aeolianite and soil.

Maitland Special Explanatory Notes: Introduction and Contents List (.pdf 128.3kb)

The 1:250 000 Maitland Special Explanatory Notes and a copy of the map can be purchased from the Customer Services Centre.


Cover of Maitland Special Explanatory Notes


Exploration activity is reaching record levels in the Gawler Craton stimulated most recently by the SA Government's commitment to exploration through the PACE Initiative.

One area attracting a great amount of interest is the southern margin of the Gawler Ranges. The area already hosts a number of mineral prospects including the Menninnie Dam base metal project and the Barnes, Weednanna and Baggy Green gold prospects.

The 1:250 000 YARDEA Geological Map was originally published in 1988 however, at the time, no explanatory notes were released. Ex-PIRSA geologists, A. J. Parker and R. J. Flint (then of Geosurveys Australia Pty Ltd) were engaged to produce the accompanying YARDEA Explanatory Notes. Their initial version was only ever available as an internal draft and received extensive modification and revision by PIRSA geologists.

The 1:250 000 YARDEA Explanatory Notes are now complete and available in digital format.

The YARDEA Explanatory Notes and the 1:250 000 YARDEA map can be purchased from the Customer Services Centre.

Cover of Yardea SA Explanatory Notes

Other Explanatory Notes and Maps

Crustal Evolution of the Gawler Craton, South Australia

As part of a significant effort to improve the availability of geochronological data generated by PIRSA and its collaborative partners, PIRSA is pleased to announce the release of the Report Book - Crustal Evolution of the Gawler Craton, South Australia: Application of the TerraneChron® technique to detrital zircon from modern stream sediments. This product is a result of integrated research between GEMOC and PIRSA (co-authored by Anthony Reid of the Geological Survey Branch).

This report presents the results of a Terranechron® study of detrital zircons from modern stream sediments of the Gawler Craton. The Terranechron® approach involves obtaining U-Pb ages, Hf isotope composition and trace element data from single zircon grains, which provide an insight into the age, source rock evolution and source rock type on the analysed zircons.

Crustal evolution of the Gawler Craton: Abstract and Introduction (.pdf 103.8kb)

Download the complete report
Crustal evolution of the Gawler Craton, Report Book RB2006/00004 (.pdf 12.7Mb)

Cover of Crustal evolution of the Gawler craton, SA - report book

Guide to the sedimentary cover of the central Gawler Craton, South Australia

(with special emphasis on the Harris Greenstone Belt region)

The Guide to the sedimentary cover of the Central Gawler Craton, South Australia (with special emphasis on the Harris Greenstone Belt region) is a report book prepared by Geological Survey Branch geologists Paul Rogers (now retired) and Wenlong Zang.

This report book will serve as a valuable resource for mineral exploration through and within the cover of the central Gawler Craton. Many of the presented concepts can be applied to the other areas of this geological province.

Download complete report book
Guide to the sedimentary cover of the Central Gawler Craton, South Australia: Report Book RB2006/00001 (.pdf 16.2Mb)

Cover of Guide to the sedimentary cover of the Central Gawler Craton, SA - report book

Presentations: Gawler Craton: State of Play Workshop  August 2004

The workshop included the release of results and data from the Gawler Seismic Survey done in the Olympic Cu-Au province in June-July 2003. Information or figures used from the following presentations must be acknowledged in the proper scientific manner.

For example: Schwarz, M., 2004. The Harris Greenstone Belt: an overview and Harris Greenstone Belt GIS. In: Gawler Craton: State of Play 2004. Office of Minerals and Energy Resources, South Australia. Department of Primary Industries and Resources. Workshop Proceedings.

Welcome and Introduction (.pdf 4.3Mb) Paul Heithersay, PIRSA

Overview of current tectonic models (.pdf 1.5Mb) Martin Hand, Adelaide University

The Gawler Craton in its global tectonic setting: implications for mineral systems (.pdf 631.1kb) Peter Betts, Monash University

EMPA chemical dates of shear zones (.pdf 2.3Mb) Greg Swain, Adelaide University

Mineral potential of the Fowler Domain, western Gawler Craton (.pdf 2.1Mb) Martin Fairclough, PIRSA, Chris Drown, Adelaide Resources & Sue Daly, PIRSA

The Harris Greenstone Belt: an overview and Harris Greenstone Belt GIS (.pdf 1.8Mb) Mike Schwarz, PIRSA

Heavy mineral sands in the Eucla Basin (.pdf 4.2Mb) Baohong Hou, PIRSA

Menninnie Dam Zn-Pb-Ag prospect: the Terramin approach (.pdf 707.1kb) John Anderson, Terramin Australia Ltd

Focussed on exploration success in South Australia (.pdf 1.6Mb) Allan Kelly, Avoca Resources Ltd

The Prominent Hill Cu-Au project (.pdf 637.5kb) Tony Belperio, Minotaur Resources Ltd

HyLoggger – New eyes for old core: South Australian Spectral Logging Campaign 2003-2004 (.pdf 1.3Mb) Alan Mauger, PIRSA

The Central Gawler gold province: an overview and what we know so far (.pdf 1.4Mb) Mike Schwarz, PIRSA

New evidence linking gold systems in the central Gawler Craton: alteration, mineralisation and fluids (.pdf 311.9kb) Andreas Schmidt-Mumm, Adelaide University & Roger Skirrow, Geoscience Australia

Application of hyperspectral logging to alteration zoning at the Barns Au prospect (.pdf 1.8Mb) John Keeling, PIRSA

Summary of Adelaide Resources activities in the Gawler Craton (.pdf 548.9kb) Chris Drown, Adelaide Resources Ltd

A geological overview of the Olympic Domain (.pdf 958.4kb) Michael Schwarz, PIRSA

Detailed basement interpretation – OD2 (6 s data) (.pdf 1.3Mb) Martin Fairclough, PIRSA

Cover successions: Stuart Shelf to Adelaide Geosyncline transition (.pdf 1.3Mb) Wolfgang Preiss, PIRSA