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Reports of Investigations


Reports of investigations are technical accounts of investigations in applied geology.

The reports can be purchased through the Customer Services Centre or via the online Order form.

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Cover of CD Reports of Investigations

Reports of Investigations Numbers 1 to 57 are also available on CD for $50.00 (plus a cost for postage and handling).

Number Title Author Year Price
57 Cambrian sediment-hosted exhalative base metal mineralisation, Kanmantoo Trough, South Australia Toteff S 1999 $25.00
56 Geology of the Coober Pedy Precious Stones Field: Results of investigations 1981-86 (Reprint) Robertson RS and Scott DC 1990 $30.00
55 Groundwater Resources of the Barossa Valley (Reprint) Cobb MA 1986 $15.00
54 Engineering geology of the Little Para Dam Boucaut WRP and Beal JC 1984 $15.00
53 The hydrogeology of the Hindmarsh Tiers and Myponga Basins Furness LJ, Waterhouse JD and Edwards DR  1981 $15.00
 52 Geological investigations: Tarcoola-Alice Springs Railway McNally GH 1980 $15.00
 51 Andamooka Opal Fields: The geology of the precious stones field and the results of the subsidised mining program Carr SG, Olliver JG, Conor CHH and Scott DC 1979 $15.00
 50 Eocene to Miocene stratigraphy of the Willunga Embayment Cooper BJ 1979 $15.00
 49 Stratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of the Brighton Limestone south of Adelaide and its equivalent in  the Orroroo region Preiss WV and Kinsman JE 1977 $15.00
 48 The hydrogeology of the Mount Gambier area Waterhouse JD 1977 $15.00
 47 Proterozoic stromatolites from the Nabberu and Officer Basins, Western Australia, and their biostratigraphic significance Preiss WV  1976 $15.00
 46 A regional interpretation of 1:1 000 000 gravity and aeromagnetic maps of the Great Artesian Basin in South Australia Milton BE and Morony GK 1975 $15.00
 45 Stratigraphic drilling in the Arckaringa Basin 1969-1971 Townsend IJ 1976 $15.00
 44 The geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Pedrika Basin Youngs BC 1975 $15.00
 43 The hydrogeology of the Gidgealpa Formation of the western and central Cooper Basin Youngs BC 1975 $15.00
42 Base metal mineralisation of the Pernatty Lagoon region Johns RK 1974 $15.00
41 Hydrocarbon potential of western Murray Basin and Infrabasins Thornton RCN 1974 $15.00
40 South Australian Department of Mines Cootanoorina No 1 Well Allchurch PD, Wopfner H, Hams WK and McGowran B 1973 $15.00
39 Regional stratigraphy of surficial deposits in the Murray Basin and Gambier Embayment Firman JB 1973 $15.00
38 Tertiary stratigraphy of three deep bores in the Waikerie area of the Murray Basin Bonnett JE and Lindsay JM 1973 $15.00
37 Base metal occurrences in the Lower Cambrian sediments of the Northern Flinders Ranges Johns RK 1972 $15.00
36 The geology of the Orroroo 1:250 000 map area Binks PJ 1970 $15.00
35 The geology of the Beltana 1:63 360 map area Leeson B 1970 $15.00
34 The geology of the Cultana 1:63 360 map area Crawford AR and Forbes BG 1969 $15.00
33 The investigation and exploitation of the Razorback Ridge iron deposit Whitten GF 1970 $15.00
32 A ground magnetic and gravity survey of the Warramboo aeromagnetic anomaly, central Eyre Peninsula Risely BG and Whitten GF 1969 $15.00
31 Investigation of Lakes Torrens and Gairdner Johns RK 1968 $15.00
30 The construction sand industry in the Adelaide metropolitan area Weir LJ and Olliver JG 1968 $15.00
29 S.A.G. Fortville No 3 Well completion report Cornish BE and Wopfner H 1967 $15.00
28 The geology of the Marree 1:250 000 map area Forbes BG 1966 $15.00
27 The hydrology of the Frome Embayment in South Australia Ker DS 1966 $15.00
26 The geology and mineralisation of the Blinman Dome Diapir Coats RP 1964 $15.00
25 The geology of the Mann 4-mile sheet (Reprint) Mirams RC 1964 $15.00
24 Investigation of Lake Eyre. Part 1, The sediments of the Lake Eyre Basin, evaporites and brines, their constitution and age. Part 2, Subsurface stratigraphy Ludbrook NH and Johns RK 1963 $15.00
23 Investigation of aeromagnetic anomalies, Hundreds of Carina, Chandada and Ripon, Western Eyre Peninsula Whitten GF 1963 $15.00
22 The geology of the Algebra 4-mile military sheet (explanation of the geological map) Coats RP 1963 $15.00
21 The geology of the Arrowie military sheet Horwitz RC 1962 $15.00

Field permeability testing of the Murray Basin limestone aquifer, Wanbi Experimental Station, South Australia

O'Driscoll EPD and Crawford G 1962 $15.00
19 The geology of the Manunda military sheet (explanation of the geological map) Miram RC 1962 $15.00
18 The geology of the Wakefield military sheet (explanation of the geological maps)

Horwitz RC

1961 $15.00
17 The geology of the Mobilong military sheet (explanation of the geological map)

Johns RK and Ludbrook NH

1961 $15.00
16 Exploration for coal, Springfield Basin, hundred of Cudla Mudla, Gordon-Cradock district Johnson W 1960 $15.00
15 The hydrology of part County Cardwell, in the Upper South-East of South Australia Shepherd RG and O'Driscoll EPD 1960 $15.00
14 The hydrology of the Mount Pleasant-Angaston area O'Driscoll EPD and Chugg RI 1959 $15.00
13 The geology of the Quorn military sheet (explanation of the geological map) Shepherd RG and Thatcher D 1959 $15.00
12 The geology of the Lyndhurst and Farina military sheets (explanation of the geological maps), part 2 - the geology of the Farina military sheet (Reprint) Johns RK 1958 $15.00
11 The hydrology of the Pirie-Torrens Basin Chebotarev II 1958 $15.00
10 The hydrology of portion of the Great Artesian Basin, near the Peake and Denison Ranges Chugg RI 1957 $15.00
9 Groundwater resources of part of the Onkaparinga Valley McKellar JBA and O'Driscoll EPD 1957 $15.00
8 The geology and hydrology of the Willunga Basin  Cochrane GW 1956 $15.00
7 The hydrology of the Willochra Basin O'Driscoll EPD 1955 $15.00
6 The geology of the Peake and Denison region Reyner ML 1955 $15.00
5 The geology of the Serle military sheet (explanation of the geological map) Reyner ML and Pitman RK  1955 $15.00
4 The geology of the Gawler military sheet (explanation of the geological map) Campana B 1955 $15.00
3 The geology of the Jervis and Yankalilla military sheets (explanation of the geological maps) Campana B and Wilson RB 1954 $15.00
2 The hydrology of the Barossa Valley Chugg RI 1955 $15.00

Fluorine in South Australian underground waters

Ward LK 1954 $15.00